Fallin’ Back into TAPA

TAPA started another year of Saturday Respite classes last weekend and we all had a blast!  Ms. Elizabeth started the morning with an amazing art project from recycled materials.  We made “reverse” aquarium collages.  The fish, seaweed, and ocean were added in a reverse order to make these one-of-a-kind collages come to life.  They look… Read More »

10 Keys to Disability Awareness

A moving article from Huffington Post…  Disability Awareness: 10 Things Parents Should Teach Their Kids About Disabilities By Tiffiny Carlson, THE MOBILITY RESOURCE   But there are a few things that are repeated. From telling their child to always look away or giving them a generic viewpoint of people with disabilities, mistakes on how to… Read More »

Dear People Who Do Not Have Children With Disabilities

We found the most fantastic blog written by our friend, Adrienne Jones.  Her blog “No Points For Style” discusses her life with a child who is not typically developing and her adventures as a writer and mom. Below is an excerpt from her letter to “People who do not have children with disabilities” “I have… Read More »

The Misunderstood Child

The Misunderstood Child: I am the child that looks healthy and fine. I was born with ten fingers and toes. But something is different, somewhere in my mind. And what it is, nobody knows. I am the child who struggles in school. Though they say I’m perfectly smart. They tell me I’m lazy – can… Read More »

Solar-Powered Wheelchair helps people swim

Dante sent us a great story about solar-powered wheelchairs that were developed on the beaches of Greece to allow wheel-chair bound beach lovers to swim in the ocean! There are currently 11 devices in Greece and each one has enough solar power a day to escort 30 people in and out of the water.  More… Read More »

Coming up at August TAPA Camp

We celebrate our favorite Storybook Characters and Authors during the last two weeks of August!        Eric Carle, Tomie dePaola, Eric Litman, Dr. Seuss, and Marcus Pfister are only a few of the amazing authors we are going to bring to life during camp.        Ms. Sara and Ms. Debi will… Read More »

The Importance of Dance Education

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, NY 2008 I want to congratulate the work of the National Dance Education Organization and share with you my thoughts on the importance of dance education.  You know, the National Dance Education Organization has a real vision of the power of dance in our children’s education and I could not agree… Read More »

That perfect summer job…

Every young person is looking for a great summer internship and this year TAPA was blessed to have two very talented young ladies join us as interns. The girls worked for two days a week helping us with fall mailings, cleaning and re-organizing the art closets, and helping us prepare for the last two weeks… Read More »

TAPA’s Little Helpers

By Miss Amy: TAPA is not just for special needs.  My son, Matthew, has been coming to work since before age 2.  In addition to meeting so many wonderful students, he has taken dance, music, drumming and been my conscientious assistant. His experience has fostered a compassionate and understanding aspect of his personality that I… Read More »