By Miss Amy:

TAPA is not just for special needs.  My son, Matthew, has been coming to work since before age 2.  In addition to meeting so many wonderful students, he has taken dance, music, drumming and been my conscientious assistant.

His experience has fostered a compassionate and understanding aspect of his personality that I find inspiring. Matt is six now and his experience at TAPA has certainly translated into his school and social life.  When Matt was put into the inclusion class for Kindergarten I was thrilled to see how he interacted with other students .

He came home one day and said that he wanted to have his friend Peter over for a play date and that it would probably be his first one. I asked him why and he said, “Because sometimes Peter can’t control himself and the teachers need to hug him really tight, but it’s not his fault, he was born with a different kind of brain.  I don’t know if you are strong enough to hug him,  so we can just have his mom come too.  Okay mom?”

TAPA provides so much for it’s students but is even more of a gift for it’s teachers, vollies and littlest helpers.


Nat Art

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