We found the most fantastic blog written by our friend, Adrienne Jones.  Her blog “No Points For Style” discusses her life with a child who is not typically developing and her adventures as a writer and mom.

Below is an excerpt from her letter to “People who do not have children with disabilities”

I have yet to meet a parent of a child with disabilities who hasn’t heard a whole lot of nonsense from people who never intended to speak nonsense.

I’m not speaking here of the jerks, the people who say things intended to be mean. Those people are heartless and lost and bummer for them because how sad, to live in a world that has so little kindness in it. I’m talking about ordinary people, the well-meaning man at the grocery store, the group of friendly acquaintances at church, and even the best friends who, when face-to-face with the parent of a child with disabilities, don’t know what to say…

What you said: God never gives us more than we can handle.

What we heard: You’re fine. Quit whining.

We’re not fine. Also, it is very dangerous to bring God into conversation with a person whose faith you don’t know intimately (and sometimes even then). We bring God to these conversations by bringing kindness. We bring God by seeing, hearing, and connecting.” 


Ms. Jones gives heartfelt, honest feedback on all the things she’s heard as a parent with special needs.  Check out the rest of the blog here:


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