CAN’T WALK? WHY NOT GO DANCING! By: Susan Russo I have always been intrigued by the grace and agility of ballroom dancers. In fact, the movie “Mad Hot Ballroom” is one of my favorite films. If you’ve never seen it, please do so… it is about an amazing ballroom dance program introduced to fifth graders… Read More »

Where Will He Live?

Reposted with permission from Vincent J. Russo & Associates, P.C. blog.   Thirteen years ago a landlord made life miserable for Sidiki Conde by throwing out his wheelchair from the lobby of his rent controlled fifth floor walk up apartment.  After the New York Times got involved, the landlord said it was “inadvertently thrown… Read More »

Graduating from UCPN

How many single mothers are out there like Monique English whose heart is bursting with joy because her twenty-one-year-old daughter, Kiara, is graduating? Kiara is graduating from the Children’s Learning Center at United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County (UCPN), Roosevelt, Long Island, where she has been a student since the age of three.  On… Read More »