Meet Jessie – our newest TAPA intern!  Here is what she had to say about her year of volunteering at TAPA before becoming an intern.


My experience at TAPA has been an enjoyable one.  I began volunteering in order to fulfill my community service hours for Confirmation.  I immediately felt connected with the kids and knew from then on I wanted to be there.  It was a great experience.


During camp, on the last Friday when we had our show to present what we learned in drumming to the parents, I found so much happiness in watching the children enjoy themselves as they danced their hearts out.  These types of experiences reasserts my commitment to TAPA.  I love that every day at TAPA is a new and exciting experience.  There is never a day that isn’t a unique one.  I sincerely enjoy myself when I am there. 


The kids are absolutely the most wonderful children I have ever met.  They always have the best attitude and aren’t afraid to show their feelings, which I love!  I look forward to seeing these amazing children every day.  Each time I am at TAPA is an inspirational one because the kids may learn something from us, but I learn something from them.  I learn how much to care for others, as they are the sweetest to every person that walks through the door.  New or not, they teach me a thing or two. 





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