This is our final, teacher-approved, kid-loved TAPA activities for the fall.  These are things that make our students grin and that you can try at home with your families.  Sharing is caring so feel free to share your favorite activities with us as well!


#5 Bang that Drum: A family band!


You don’t need fancy classes or expensive equipment to have a jam session with your family.  Just play some of your favorite songs and find the rhythm and patterns.  Ask your children to repeat your rhythm and ask them to create their own.  Then follow them!  Then play on these found-around-the-house instruments


Drums: Almost anything can be used as a drum: couch cushions, wooden blocks, or large mixing bowls.  We personally love empty coffee canisters and large paint buckets.  Just turn them upside down and beat with a dowel or your hands.


Maracas: Fill an old water bottle with beans, beads, or small coins to create your own maraca.  Be sure to seal the top on tight before letting small children play.


Tambourines: Our favorite homemade tambourine is made from sturdy plastic plates!  Just add a handful of coins, beans, and beads and then place another plate on top.  Use a hot glue gun or stapler to seal the sides and then play!



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