By Elizabeth Connolly

ON A RAINY THURSDAY afternoon this past October, students from the Theresa Academy gathered at the second floor gallery space of the Long Island Children’s Museum to attend a reception in their honor. The weather did little to dim the smiles and spirits of the artists and their families. The artists were happy to find their work and pose for pictures to commemorate the occasion.


The show, titled “Mix It Up”, was created by TAPA students of all ages during their afternoon and Saturday morning art classes from past and present seasons. Curated by Miss Susan and Miss Lindsay and framed courtesy of the Village Framer in Rockville Centre, the show illustrates the breadth and scope of the Visual Arts programs at TAPA.


The show featured work from students of all ages highlighting their efforts in a wide range of media including watercolor, pastel and acrylic using techniques ranging from printmaking and collage to dr

art show1

awing, painting and sculpture. The depth of work in the exhibition is a credit to the students’ determination and commitment. As the Art teacher, I am able to see the benefit to students in so many different ways. From focus and concentration to refining and developing new skills, the experiences of art making helps students grow abilities and self-esteem.


What a great joy it is to see a student progress from hand over hand painting to autonomous printmaking! I am always excited to go to “work”, each lesson gives both myself and my students the opportunity

to lea

rn and discover something new.

The Art room at TAPA is a happy place; we are so thrilled to be able to take our fun on the road!

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