One day each month, TAPA holds Sunday Workshops to welcome current TAPA students, their siblings, and all students from local areas to enjoy classes at TAPA.  During each two hour session, students take dance, yoga, art, and music classes with a unified theme.


We are thrilled to announce that this year, our Sunday Workshops will take us around the world!  Each month will focus on a new country and culture that will be explored through dramatic, artistic, and musical activities.  Sunday Workshops are $20 per student and it is required for all students to RSVP in advance.  Check out the list of dates and countries below and be sure to join us for one of these amazing days.


September 27th    – Italy

October  25th – South AfricaTAPA Camp pix

November 15th – India

December  13th – British Breakfast with Santa

January  24th – Russia

February  7th– Australia

March  13th – France

April 10th  – Mexico

May 15th – China

June 12th – Greece



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