By: Miss Lindsay

On Sunday, June 9th, TAPA students and faculty celebrated Summer with our last Summer Workshop of the school year.


Ms. Sara started off the afternoon with a calm and relaxing yoga class.  Students enjoyed animal poses and worked on focusing their breathing.  Students practiced classic yoga poses and worked with partners to flex their muscles.  With the sun pouring in through the windows and instrumental music filling the room, everyone was a bit more relaxed by the end of class.


TAPA’s workshop welcomed new students into our studio and we had a great time together in art.  Students worked with pre-cut wood pieces and makers/paint to create picture frames, flowers, wind chimes, and other summer decorations!  Older students got to catch up with one another as we learned more about our new friends.


Who doesn’t love snack?  Healthy treats and juices were shared by all!

Dance and Movement

Ms. Alice finished the workshop with a great dance and movement class.  Starting with Peggy Lee’s “Fever” and moving into contemporary pop songs, students were serenaded as they shook, jumped, popped, and partnered one another.  The smiles were endless!

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