Lisa 1Lisa Glickman has been at The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts for years as our music teacher. She teaches group music classes to a variety of ages and has so much fun preparing for the themes and parties that we throw on Saturdays and during Workshops.  From percussion and rhythm, to Broadway tunes and pop hits, Miss Lisa incorporates everything into her classes to get each student moving and dancing.


TAPA also offers private piano classes taught by Miss Lisa.  Students meet for half an hour each week to work on piano basics, scales, chords, and songs!  Everything from “Twinkle, Twinkle” to Elton John hits have been studied in private piano classes by first time learners and advanced students.


Basic music theory, keyboard layout, notes, and reading music are all explored in private lessons.  In December, parents and guardians are invited to attend a class observation and all friends and family are invited to the Annual June Showcase.  It’s incredible to see the growth and excitement from students as they learn the play their favorite songs and entertain their guests.


Call today for a private class schedule.  (516) 432-0200

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