Join us for these awesome classes each week of the summer…


" The Mona Lisa Fall "

” The Mona Lisa Fall ” (Photo credit: gmayster01 on & off …)



Students work in small classes to create original sketches, paintings, sculptures, and collages.  While in class, students work one-on-one with our state-certified teachers and have volunteers who assist when needed.





Teachers use a mix of Classical, Pop, and World music to get everyone moving and shaking!  Students stretch and isolate muscles with individual and partner dances.  Social dances are used to enhance rhythm and repetition while props such as scarves and hula hoops help develop our motor skills.




Students unwind, relax, and focus on breathing in yoga class.  Working alone or with a volunteer, students explore yoga poses and develop a series by using children’s literature to deepen their understanding of each pose.




We play!  We sing!  We party!  Using percussion instruments and a piano students lead their favorite songs and play along.  There is always a popular sing-a-long that breaks into a small dance before class ends.  Private piano classes and voice classes are also being booked this summer!




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