By: Julie Mayo

As a creative movement and yoga teacher at TAPA, I have been teaching some classes off-site at other locations. One such appointment is an 8-week residency at the Island Park Middle School, where the pre-k classes are housed. Through a grant from New York State, Dr. Rosemarie Bovino has initiated a Universal Pre-K program for Island Park residents.

The program, which started in September of 2014, is an amazing group of 60 students, (20 students per class). The dance and movement program began in March. We are exploring elements of dance such as space, levels, size, use of various body parts, and exploring creative self- expression while working and playing together. We are also integrating our movement studies with the teachers’ curriculum. Through their themes of Safari Adventures and Greatest Children’s Stories pre-K students will be sharing their movement explorations with families and friends on the culminating day of the residency. It is amazing to work with these young children whose curiosity is so open and enthusiastic and I am honored as a TAPA teacher to be spending this time with these vibrant children.

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