by: Matthew G.

It’s fun to be a TAPA volunteer! You get to go around with a buddy to classes such as art, music, and dance. It’s a great experience for both the students and the volunteer. As you go, you learn to help the kids who don’t learn as fast as you. I do this becuase I like to help people

My two best experiences at TAPA were when I met Anthony, Charlie, and Dan. (They are the art guys.) Charlie and Dan are some of the best artists I have ever seen. I like these guys because they are fun to be around in a class and are committed to art. Anthony I met the first week I was here at TAPA. He’s a funny person to be around when you are sad – if you take a few minutes to talk to Anthony you’ll be smiling and laughing. He was my first “buddy” I had and he’s someone to never forget!

TAPA is a happy place. Everybody is happy at TAPA. I recommend coming here because even if you’re not happy- when you leave you come out happy.

Matt is a volunteer at TAPA and helps students during weekly art classes, Saturday Respite, and Sunday Workshops!

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