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The end of camp always makes me “blue”.  Although all of the teachers and volunteers reach the day completely exhausted, it’s always a bit sad to say good-bye.  For three weeks we came together from different towns, schools, and programs to celebrate the SOUNDS OF SUMMER!


Our campers were incredible!  Boys and girls from age 5- 20 walked into camp each day with smiles and contagious energy.  They sang and danced to the song of the day with passion and joy.  They were adventurous!  From new yoga poses and instruments to new friends, these campers were willing to try lots of new activities.  Irish Step Dancing, Cooking, African Drumming, and Hawaiian Dancing were just some of the things that campers tried and loved.


The teachers were creative!  Our daily themes were based on a variety of songs and they went above and beyond to find ways for the kids to share their creativity and talents.  In art class they created dioramas, canvas bags, sculptures, jewelry, and even used their feet to paint!  Music and drumming class featured music from classical to contemporary and students took the lead by conducting and teaching their peers original rhythms.  Yoga was a haven of relaxation and breathing that helped us to trust our friends and stretch our minds and bodies.  Dance was a variety of hip-hop, ballet, and cultural dance.  In cooking we made lots of healthy and tasty treats a we learned to scoop, measure, stir, bake, and wait for the delicious food to be ready.  We had a guitar sing-a-long, Hawaiian Dancers, Irish Step dancers, scavenger hunts, and lots of contests!


The weather was kind and we had mostly sunny days! And thanks to so many generous sponsors, we were able to provide partial or full scholarships to 15 students!  The parents and community thank you immensely for your generous contributions to The Theresa Academy of Performing Arts camp!


The SOUNDS OF SUMMER will forever be in our hearts and we are so happy that we shared the experiences with you.  We can’t wait until camp next year.


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