Sounds of Summer, Theresa Academy of Performing Art’s Annual Summer Camp, was off to a fantastic start with a full week of sunshine, new faces, and amazing activities in the arts.  Campers, faculty, and buddies gathered together each morning to hear the “song of the day”, which ranged from “California Gurls” by Katy Perry, to “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.


Each day campers took yoga, dance, music, cooking, African drumming, and art classes that connected to the song of the day.  Footprint rainbows, 3D sandcastles, and collages were just some of the unique art projects students created during the week.  Campers made smoothies and candy necklaces in cooking, sang along to patriotic songs, and danced in the most hilarious and creative ways.  Everyone relaxed and worked on breathing, partner games, and balancing activities in yoga and looked forward to drumming with Sidiki and Ibrahima the most!  It was a memorable week for all.


TAPA was happy to host Mr. Tom for an afternoon of sing-a-long songs on the guitar and Dance Aloha for an afternoon of Hawaiian songs, dances, instruments, and costumes.  These special guests helped to entertain and educate our volunteers and campers whole adding new depth to the “Sounds of Summer” we were so eager to celebrate.



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