Every Summer Camp has traditions that are just as important to the faculty and staff as they are to the students and TAPA is no exception.  Here’s a list of our top 10 traditions!



#10: The Camp Photos and DVDs: TAPA teachers love to document all the fun things that happen at camp!  Silly yoga poses, friends hugging, and awesome dance moves are captured and shared with our families via Facebook, our blog, and the TAPA Website. www.tapaNY.org.


#9: Spending Time Outside: Although air-conditioning is always a nice reprieve, we love to spend time outside under our Summer Camp tent.  Students eat, play, and relax in the shade while enjoying the warm ocean breezes.



#8: Theme Days: This year we are celebrating all the holidays TAPA missed when we were closed for Hurricane Sandy and various Storybook Authors!  Campers and faculty will dress to impress for theme days including Halloween.


#7: Relay Races: Break out the dance spots, small orange cones, and play tunnels!  Teams will compete in a variety of relay races as their peers cheer them on.


#6: Storybook and Relaxation:  Everyone can use some downtime so we include a rest, relaxation, and storybook time during our day.  Students can pull up a bean bag chair or inflatable couch to listen to our favorite stories read by faculty and staff.


#5: Friends and Vollies: We are so lucky to have a variety of students join us during the year and for summer camp.  Campers love to see their favorite volunteers that help out as “buddies” year after year.  It’s great to get together with our TAPA family each and every July!


#4: Cooking: Students love to cook, bake, and create in our cooking class.  Usually offered only during camp, this class allows students to make art and then eat it!  We make everything from tie-dyed jello to edible ants on a log!  It’s everyone’s favorite camp class.


#3 Dance Parties: Campers love to blow off some steam, grab their favorite dance partner, and cut a rug during our dance parties!  Students move and shake to the summer’s latest tunes for a few minutes each day.


#2: Share Time: At the end of the day all campers, faculty, and staff gather together to share what they’ve done during the day.  Yoga poses, dance combinations, games, and artwork is displayed for all to see!


#1 Sidiki: It isn’t camp without Sidiki!  TAPA’s resident African Drum teacher joins us from Tokounou Dance Company and he sets the rhythm for our August Summer Camp.  Sidiki works with small groups of students to teach them authentic African drumming patterns and styles along with African dance combinations.  Everyone loves when Sidiki is with us because his energy and spirit is an inspiration to all! Picture 093

Sidki with campers 

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