During Summer Camp, we celebrated a variety of different “sounds of summer” with special guests and classes.  Not least among them was Dance Aloha!  We had three amazing, patient, and kind teachers from Dance Aloha join us to teach us authentic Hawaiian traditions, dances, and songs!


Dance Aloha Dance Troupe is a local, Long Island group that specializes in Polynesian dances.  They entertain for parties, groups, and for children/adults of all ages!  TAPA has had them as guests twice this year, once on Hawaiian Day Sunday Workshop, and on Friday of summer camp.


Campers wore grass skirts and followed along to upbeat and bright songs.  We also played “Uli Uli Ulis”, small instruments filled with seeds and covered in feathers.  We danced to songs of love and joy and it left everyone smiling!



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