Summer is here and school is out!  Here are five “TAPA-approved” unique things to do with your kids this summer.


1.  Attend a Long Island Ducks Game

You can get tickets to this baseball game in Central Islip for $11 a ticket!  Take the whole family and support Long Island’s team.  They are a huge supporter of TAPA/The Theresa Foundation and always donate tickets and merchandise to our Dinner Dance.


2.  The Dino Trail at Sands Point Preserve

Park for $10 and enjoy a free walk that kids of all ages will enjoy as you take in the wildlife. Only a quarter-mile walk that has a purple dinosaur, live animals, and a climbing station.


3. Check out Book Revue

Located in Huntington, this bookstore always has authors come in to do free readings for children.  Be sure to call ahead of time because space is sometimes limited.  If your child loves stories, thus is the place for them!


4.  Make a picnic

Choose a theme for your picnic before you head out!

A Bunny’s Picnic (fruits and veggies Only), A Blue Day Picnic (Only foods that are blue), A Very Hungry Caterpillar Diet (Lots of fruits and veggies ending in EVERYTHING!). Pair the food with a themed book and you have a perfect hour in the sun.


5.  The Cradle of Aviation

$12 for kids, $14 for adults.  Grab your tickets and hold onto your hat.  View airplanes through the years and how they impacted life on Long Island.  Interactive activities and movies help enhance the experience.


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